Fundamentals of Business Communication


The aim of communication is to convey the desired message to an audience. A message which is not conveyed successfully can result in serious damage especially in the business world. As per the IBSAR Mumbai Reviews, keeping in mind some essential factors can result in the successful delivery of the message, being received positively by the audience.

We hereby provide you with a few of basic essentials of business communication:

  1. Structure

Structure is a necessary element for the successful communication for an un-structured or ill-structured message will not be understood in its entirety by the audience. You can systematically structure your message by diving it in three parts: Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion.

This can be used to structure any mode of communication including memos, presentation, speech, email, multi-media presentation.

  1. Clarity

Clarity in communication implies that the message you want to deliver should be clear both in your mind and in the process as well. Make sure that the communication is clear and delivered in a language common to everyone involved in the communication process.

  1. Adequate

The message you want to convey should be adequate, that is, it should be complete. An incomplete message or a message that is given in short bits and pieces will be considered as inadequate which could have adverse effects as it might risk the understanding of your audience.

  1. Consistency

The message should be consistent and in line with the previous messages and set objectives. Inconsistent, self-contradictory and conflicting messages can raise distrust in the audience. Therefore, if the aim of your message is to amend the previous one, than it should be stated clearly in the message itself.

  1. Medium

Choose the best available mode of communication for the successful transmission of your message. Select a mode which can be delivered in minimum time, offers greatest comprehension rate and costs low.

  1. Relevancy

The communication should be relevant to the organization, employees and their business. An irrelevant message or chunks of irrelevant information in a message would make the audience lose their interest.

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