Data Storage using Data Structure

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Suggested by Ibsar Mumbai, before describing data structures we ought to comprehend that PCs do store, recover, and process a lot of data. In case the data is stored in well organized manner on storage media and in PC’s memory then it can be accessed rapidly to process that further decreases the delay and the customer is provided with quick response.

Data structure introduction alludes to a scheme for sorting out information, or alternatively a data structure is an arrangement of data in PC’s memory in a manner that it could make the information rapidly accessible to the processor for required computations. According to Ibsar Reviews, a data structure ought to be seen as a logical concept that must address two essential concerns. First, how the information will be stored, and second, what operations will be performed on it?

Data structures can be comprehensively classified in two ways – linear data structures and hierarchical structures. Arrays, stacks, linked lists and queues fall under linear data structures, while trees, heaps, graphs and so on come under hierarchical data structures.

Array – Array is a container which can hold fix number of items and these items ought to be of same type.

Stack – Stack is a toward the last in-first-out strategy data structure; this implies that the recently added item will be deleted first.

Linked List – Linked list is proved to be an important data structure when the amount of data to be stored is not known early.  Performance wise it is better than arrays. And it is of different types like linear, circular, doubly and so on.

Queue – Queue is a first-in-first-out data structure.

Tree – Tree is a hierarchical data structure. The very top element of a tree is known as the root of the tree. Except the root node each node in a tree has a parent node, and zero or more child node.

Dictionary – Dictionary is a data structure that maintains a set of things indexed on basis of keys.

Heap – Heap is a binary tree that stores a collection of keys by satisfying heap property.

Graph – Graph is a data structure that connects a gathering of nodes called vertices, by associations, called edges.


Supply Chain Management


What is supply chain management?

Supply chain management is an integrated methodological approach that heavily uses management approaches such as operations management and logistics management. It is inclusive of all activities of materials in the production of goods and services ranging from the storage of raw materials, processing them for production and supplying them to the customers.

Supply chain management is overseeing the flow of information, materials and finances within and across companies from the point of origin to the point of consumption.

Supply chain management is a cross-functional approach which organizes the entire business process through a chain of multiple companies who specializes in their concerned roles. These companies are business partners that focus on only a few key strategic activities.

The active management of supply chain activities maximizes the customer value and enables sustaining a competitive advantage over other companies.

How does supply chain management work?

It increases the number of organizations involved in the process of manufacturing goods and information providing.

It operates through interlinked channels and networks of business nodes which it uses to reduce the ownership of materials by distributing activities across various companies.

Companies outsource to other organizations the activities or processes they specializes in so they can be performed more efficiently and cost effectively.

What are the three types of flow in supply chain management?

Supply chain management is constituted of activities such as product development, sourcing, production, logistics and information system required to coordinate these activities. The organizations involved in supply chain are connected together through three kinds of flows which include flow of materials, information and finances.

Flow of materials and finances are physical flows which involve the transformation, movement, and storage of goods and materials and transaction of capitals. They are the most visible part of the supply chain.

Flow of information allows the various supply chain partners to coordinate their plans and control the flow of goods and material up and down the supply chain.

According to the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), “Supply Chain Management encompasses the planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing, procurement, conversion and logistics management. It also includes the crucial components of coordination and collaboration with channel partners, which can be suppliers, intermediaries, third party service providers, and customers.”

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Fundamentals of Business Communication


The aim of communication is to convey the desired message to an audience. A message which is not conveyed successfully can result in serious damage especially in the business world. As per the IBSAR Mumbai Reviews, keeping in mind some essential factors can result in the successful delivery of the message, being received positively by the audience.

We hereby provide you with a few of basic essentials of business communication:

  1. Structure

Structure is a necessary element for the successful communication for an un-structured or ill-structured message will not be understood in its entirety by the audience. You can systematically structure your message by diving it in three parts: Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion.

This can be used to structure any mode of communication including memos, presentation, speech, email, multi-media presentation.

  1. Clarity

Clarity in communication implies that the message you want to deliver should be clear both in your mind and in the process as well. Make sure that the communication is clear and delivered in a language common to everyone involved in the communication process.

  1. Adequate

The message you want to convey should be adequate, that is, it should be complete. An incomplete message or a message that is given in short bits and pieces will be considered as inadequate which could have adverse effects as it might risk the understanding of your audience.

  1. Consistency

The message should be consistent and in line with the previous messages and set objectives. Inconsistent, self-contradictory and conflicting messages can raise distrust in the audience. Therefore, if the aim of your message is to amend the previous one, than it should be stated clearly in the message itself.

  1. Medium

Choose the best available mode of communication for the successful transmission of your message. Select a mode which can be delivered in minimum time, offers greatest comprehension rate and costs low.

  1. Relevancy

The communication should be relevant to the organization, employees and their business. An irrelevant message or chunks of irrelevant information in a message would make the audience lose their interest.

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Features of Healthy Organization

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To be a successful organization, it is of utmost importance to be a healthy one first because only a healthy organization can grow into a successful one. As per the IBSAR Reviews, our team has prepared a list of characteristics most commonly seen in the healthy organizations.

  1. Good Leadership

For a healthy organization, healthy environment is most necessary element. Therefore, any organization needs good and effective leadership to maintain a healthy environment in the office premises. Managers who are open to suggestions and complaints gains the trust of their employees thus assuming the role of understanding leaders.

  1. Team Work

Sense of team work enables the employees to get familiarized to work together despite their differences of opinions. Healthy organizations understand the importance of team work therefore they work to develop teams that can collaborate to achieve the common goals.

  1. Employee Morale

Employees are the most important assets of an organization. Low morale in employees causes low productivity, poor coordination and hinders the growth of a company. While motivated and dedicated employees strengthen a company.

  1. Learning Opportunities

A static environment which provides no growth in terms of promotion or learning opportunities eventually makes their employees to look for those opportunities elsewhere. Many organizations now provide on the job training programs to enable their employees to cultivate their knowledge more efficiently.

  1. Employee Engagement

Unlike earlier times when companies used to follow strict hierarchical order in terms of decision making, now many companies have adopted more flexible approach. An organization where suggestions of employees are valued and considered, allows employees to become more engaged and accountable which eventually raises their productivity.

  1. Adapts to Changes

The constant development in technology and its influences on society demands for a more changeable or adaptable approach. Healthy organizations understand that to compete in the market, they need to stay in line or ahead of their competitors. Therefore, they adapt and incorporate new techniques and technologies.

  1. Result Oriented

Organizations are established with a set of goals. Healthy organizations understand that to attain those goals, it is essential that all the work and strategies designed to complete them are result oriented and all inessential activities must be eliminated.

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What is Operation Management?


Operation management is one of the three key strategic areas needed to run a company, the other two being marketing and finance. Operation management is an administrative area which deals in managing the production of goods and services in a company.

Operation management is responsible for efficiently managing the resources at hand to convert them into sellable goods and services. The core activities handled under operation management are planning, organizing, implementing and controlling the processes of production. The operation management involves handling resources such as people, equipment, technology and information, etc. to get minimum profit.

Operation management plays a central role in any company whether it is involved in manufacturing goods or providing services. For example, in a manufacturing company like a cosmetic company, operation management handles reproduction of goods that is cosmetics while in service providing company like cab services, operation managements focuses on providing services.

Two types of operations                                                     

Operation management includes two types of operations, one, strategic in nature and other, tactical. Strategic operations have long term consequences and often need great deal of finance and resources for their execution. For example decisions related to location, technology, labor and equipment.

Tactical operations have short to medium term effect on a company and involve lesser degree of finance and resources for execution. These are also flexible in nature as they can be changed or modified without adverse reactions due to such changes. For example decisions related to workforce schedule.

Two key areas

Thetwo key areasassociated with operations management are logistics and supply chain management. Operation management has great affinity with both these areas of business practices. Logistics is essential for the careful, considered and cost effective use of resources whileunderstanding of supply chain management is required to meet the demands of client.

An MBA in operation management or logistics and supply chain management equips students with the required knowledge and skillset to understand and get the grip of intricate complexities of business.

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Branding a service vs. Branding a product


Branding is a very trending thing in the business world and we all are very much aware of the impact that it has on sale of the products and services. Well, it is worth noticing that branding a service is quite different from branding a product and there are a number of factors behind this. Read on to know more about it:

Experts from IBSAR say that the first thing that must be understood is that products are well defined physical items that can be evaluated before you choose to buy them. You can actually hold a product in your hand in order to examine it properly and on being fully satisfied with its properties you can buy it. On the other side, talking about services it can be said that services are intangible and are very personal. Service is an experience that the customer buys from you. So it is important to understand that while buying a service that customer puts a lot of trust in you. So, on the basis of this explanation the difference between branding a product and branding a service can be summarized through following points:

  • The basic reason is that products are made where services are delivered
  • Products are used where services are experienced
  • Products are touchable where services are emotional

Experts from IBSAR say that when it is about the branding of a product then there are special efforts made in order to beautify the product so that it can appeal to the maximum number of people. Moreover, the uses of the product are highlighted and the packaging of the product is also designed with a lot of creativity and thought. In simpler words it can be said that branding of a product includes everything that is required to make the product look irresistible in terms of looks and use.

When it comes to branding of a service then the sole motive is to win the trust of the customers. As it has been said that services can neither be seen nor be touched but they can only be experienced. Therefore the branding of a service includes coming up with strategies to make the service look useful and beneficial for the customers.

Ensure Excellent Customer Services with these Tips


Customer service has been a thriving area since quite some time in business sector. Apparently, it is being said that the cost of acquiring a new customer is five times than that of retaining an existing one. There is a fundamental golden rule for good customer service that if you were the customer, you would have want to meet the same expectations. Rendering good customer service is often a matter of common sense but as it is well-known that common sense is not so common these days and entrepreneurs do not fall into this ambit either.

Hence, experts from IBSAR are telling some tips to deliver excellent customer service:

  • Great customer service begins with you. If you are being apathetic towards your customers, your employees will mimic it. In contrast, if you are enthusiastic and courteous, your troops are more likely to be so as well.
  • Emphasize on building long-term relationships with your customers. Short-term sales incentives can sometimes undermine long-term customer satisfaction. Refrain from that by building short-term programs which reward broader improvements.
  • Involve your customers in the events organized by company and make them feel that they are an indispensable part of the organization.
  • The little things make huge difference. Small gestures which anticipate customers’ needs or attend to their comforts, for instance offering a glass of cold water on a sweltering day, go a long way towards winning them over.
  • Communication is the most significant element in retaining customers. A personalized “Thank you” note or even a follow-up phone call a month or later makes your customers feel that you value them.
  • In retail businesses, loyalty programs or rewards cards drive repeat business as well as help you gather information about interests of the customers by monitoring what they are buying. Appreciate the presence of your customers.
  • Resolve the disputes of your customers without any delay. It’s already bad enough if your customer is unhappy with your product or service. But if your attempt to redress the problem is not encouraging enough, it is only going to make the situation worse.

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Introduction to Technology and Innovation Management

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Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) is a specialized management
concentration which offers an understanding of the nature of innovation, the relationship between strategic leadership and innovation, and how organizations use technology and new product development processes to successfully manage change. TIM is a key to growth in a knowledge based economy.

The current competitive imperative is the development of a science and innovation based culture. This identifies that the real engines of competitiveness and economic success remain science, innovation, technology, education and entrepreneurship. An essential part of developing the science and technology is based on sustained competitive advantage which is to strengthen the capacity of organizations to manage innovation successfully.

Technology and Innovation Management is at the intersection of strategy, technology and operations. It provides executives with the understanding of how technology works in the innovation process and enables them to make sound business decisions. Successful innovation is inherently multi-functional and matches a profound understanding of needs and wants of user to a distinctive technical competence.

No company can stand still under the pressure of competition and rising customer expectations. To stand still is to die. Even to survive, you must constantly reduce costs, enhance quality and increase responsiveness. To grow, you must offer new and improved products and services. Whatever the size or business of your company, you must comprehend what kind of innovation makes sense, when to innovate and how to do it successfully.

Technology and Innovation Management encourages the management of innovation and technological change from a variety of perspectives, including strategic, managerial, behavioural, and operational issues. TIM includes the management of innovation, technology strategy, research and development, information technologies and the internet, technology-based entrepreneurship, process technologies, and the commercialization of scientific research.

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Characteristics of an Effective Leader

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Be the kind of leader that you would follow. Someone has rightly said this. Anyone can be a leader but good leaders are rare. They possess certain set of qualities which distinguish them apart from ordinary ones. Leaders play a very imperative role in elevating the morale of their employees at the workplace. It has been found in various prior surveys that most of the employees leave their job because of their managers. However, it is to be noted that not every manager is a leader but every leader is a manager. So let us tell you the top qualities that a leader must possess as suggested by faculty of IBSAR.

  • Sharp perception – Effective and good leadersknow exactly how they areperceived by other individuals.They have an honest and transparent communication with their team and peers. They keep a thorough knowledge of people’s perception about them. It brings in more openness in the work environment.
  • Acquainted with organization – Good leaders are familiarized with the goals and objectives of the organization. They also know strategies needed to achieve those goals. They are fully acquainted about how their team fits into the big picture of organization and extract the best out of their team tocontribute inachieving the objectives of the company. They know the enterprise inside and out. They strive to make the organization grow.
  • Self-assessment – Introspection is another vital element to be an effective leader. Effective leaders, every now and then, self-evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Recognizing their strengths enable leaders to use their strengths maximum.Being familiar with their areas of weaknesses enable them to work on them resulting in more effective leaders.
  • Sensitized towards the team’s needs – When leaders are perceptive, they are able to comprehend the needs of their team members better. It is far easier for leaders to build strong teams when they are acquainted with values, aspirations, goals and needs of each individual of their team.

If you also want to see yourself as an effective and good leader, then try to inculcate these qualities in yourself. Institute of Business Studies And Research (IBSAR) is a multi-disciplinary business school which focuses on actionable business programs.

Significance of Human Resource Management


In today’s highly competitive scenario, no degree or education is enough to guarantee you a successful career. However, we still leave no stone unturned in our endeavour to excel in every possible way we can. Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the highly coveted degrees that most of the young brigade tends to pursue. Finance, Marketing, Operations, International Business, Information Technology, to name a few, are certain specializations that are being done in management. Human Resource Management is one of them. It is the process of recruiting and developing the employees according to the needs of the organization.

Human Resource Management (HRM) is a function that involves in the process of hiring of the workforce, providing development & training, maintaining workforce regulation, assessment of their performance, providing compensation & benefits, motivating, relation with labour, health, welfare and safety assessment.MBA in HRM allows you to develop the general management skills in the first year and impart learning about human resource practices in the second year of the course.

If you also are planning to pursue MBA in HRM, then be prepared to be taught about social, cultural and economic factors which influence relations of employees. The specialized fields in this course are Motivation, Labour Legislation, Training and Development, Compensation and Benefits, Labour Relations, Retention, Industrial Relations, Recruitment and Selection, and Labour Welfare and Social Security.

Human Resource is an indispensable part of any organization for its existence. Thus it leads to various job opportunities in the field of human resource management. Each and every industry needs to hire HR administrator to settle and handle the activities pertaining to hiring of employees, their benefits, remuneration, training, skill development, maintaining the work performance of the employees and ensuring that all work is done in accordance with the objectives of the company.

HR Generalist, Technical Recruiter, Employee Relations Manager, Director of HR Training and Development, Staffing Director, Compensation Manager, Employee or Placement Manager, and Organizational Development and Consultant Change are discrete jobs you can be entitled to if you are an HRM degree holder. IBSAR is one of the best business schools which offers MBA in various disciplines.


Professional Course – Enhances Skills

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Somehow, it’s true and well said that ‘a person who stops to grow will continue to decline’. This phrase justifies the importance and requirement of professional courses in a person’s life. To grow one must know well that being stagnant will not only make their growth stagnant but also their mind.

Therefore it is always advised to be in touch with studies. This has been concluded people who find their studies and knowledge sufficient and don’t keep the potency to learn more often lack in a lot of daily things. ibsar institute of business studies and research provides you with certain professional courses which can be extremely helpful to you.

Therefore if you think you have done enough studies then you must ensure that your education is well suited an relevant for your professional career. If you aspire to gain a hike then you must avail a degree of a professional course which can help you rise. The moment  your education takes one more step of the ladder, the very same moment your career takes a step above too.  In this exceedingly competitive world only a degree can help you take a step above.

Addition of an extra professional course is highly valuable. A professional degree in your resume gives the company owners an advantage for you. Since companies always wish to recruit employees who possess a flayer towards a certain skill and they don’t have to train that employee. Training an employee’s cost a company really hard.

Therefore if you are planning to spend your whole life with just one or two degree then you must ensure your growth would be gradual. But including certain professional degrees will help you shoot your career graph immensely. So give yourself the best of studies and become an asset to a company. Ibsar facilitates you with all the possible professional courses, avail them and help yourself grow personally, professionally, mentally and certainly monetarily.

Confused between BBA and BCA?


BBA and BCA are two courses that have become exceedingly popular among the students these days. Most of the students say that they want to pursue these courses because they open the doorway that leads to immediate placement. There is no doubt in the fact that both these courses are job oriented. Experts from IBSAR recall their experiences and say that quite a lot of people get confused between these two courses but they are totally different from each other. BBA belongs to the field of management while BCA would take you into the arena of computers.


BBA stands for Bachelor in Business Administration. This course deals in teaching the students about business administration and it is a three year graduate level degree course in management. It includes numerous subjects such as HRM, accounting, economics, marketing, entrepreneurship, MIS, operations management etc. Therefore BBA is definitely a good course for you in case you are interested in making a career in the field of management. After completing BBA you can also take admission in MBA and this would provide you with better job opportunities in this field.


BCA is an abbreviation for Bachelor of Computer Applications. It is also a three year professional course like BBA. This course is strategically designed to provide an in depth knowledge to people that are interested in making a career in the field of computers. After completing BCA you can pursue MCA later. These days there is a lot of demand for professionals who possess complete knowledge about computers therefore doing BCA would help you to walk towards a rewarding and satisfying career.

Well, as said earlier, both these courses are extremely good but you must choose the one that you feel would be good for you and your career. Opt for the course that holds your interest.

The Diverse Role of Corporate Training


Corporate training can help in improving business results in a great way. It helps in improving the efficiency of professionals working in various companies and this has been proven over time. Corporate learning includes skill development and it is a great learning experience, which leaves a direct impact on the performance of the employees.

What is corporate training?

So what precisely is corporate training? Well, it is one of the ways to improve and enhance the performance of the employees by focusing on their weak points. It also works as a sort of personality development training as it helps the employees to become more and more confident. Several companies have whole departments meant for training the employees from time to time. These days a lot of companies also train their employees by hiring trainers from companies that offer the service of corporate training. The work of these professionals is to make certain that employees are able to give better output.

Areas of corporate training   

One chief area of skill improvement for employees is usage of computers. The growing usage of technology requires the employees to possess some knowledge about it. An additional area reflected by trainers is leadership training. Solid leaders are essential to lead companies towards success, and to prepare employees to become skilled leader the trainers help them to develop leadership qualities. Characteristics of leadership take account of how to conduct team meetings, giving presentations and how to motivate the team members. Leadership training gradually empowers the employees to move to management levels.

Experts from IBSAR say that training the employees by teaching them diverse aspects related to their work helps them to become better employees and this ultimately works in the favor of the company and its growth.

Planning to Pursue BCA?



The fast evolving speed of information technology and communication systems have now turned into an important part of practically all organizations’ strategic plan of action. Corporations are now in want of professionals to take advantage of the new technologies. These professionals are trained to utilize various computer science principles in order to solve several technical glitches. Therefore, computer application degrees are in great demand these days. More and more people want to make a career in this field therefore they are opting for various computer courses that may help them to get a good job. BCA is one such computer course that is hugely popular amongst the students.

Professionals, specifically those who have completed their education from reliable colleges and institutes are getting great jobs just after the completion of their degree.

BCA is a course that is specially designed with a vision to impart extensive computer knowledge to the students.  Students get to know about chief areas of computer science or industrial computing. The pattern of the program is designed in such a way that it covers almost all the basic as well as complex aspects related to computer science. Furthermore it helps the students in developing their professional skills that are required to seek a well-paying job in reputed companies. And last but not least, it helps the students in evolving their practical abilities that would prove to be of immense help when the students would actually start working as a professional.

Experts from IBSAR say that in case you are interested in the field of computers and technology then you must opt for this course. You can get yourself enrolled in a good institute or college just after completing your twelfth class. You must pass 10+2 before joining BCA. It’s a three year course and after these three years you can expect to seek a job in good organizations.

Importance of Management Studies after Graduation


Administration studies are more than simply vital when your vocation is set in money and management.

Administration studies set up a man who is a graduate scholastically as well as in various viewpoints like,

  • Quality confirmation – Management preparing ensures that nature of any field at work is guaranteed. It educates about how quality and amount both can cooperate without trade off.
  • Inspire representatives – Usually when you are working in some MNC or any organization so far as that is concerned there comes a considerable measure of weight. Alongside the strategies of taking care of weights administration concentrates likewise rouse representatives to buckle down even under weight.
  • Execution effectiveness -with regards to execution administration studies can work ponders for you. As they not just show you to build your chart in execution area additionally in self-awareness. Likewise with self-awareness comes more proficiency in work. Performance is obligatory in any work region.
  • Asserts development – standard is not entertained these days. You need to ensure that you have some inventive thoughts regarding everything. Yes inventiveness is natural however it is half acquired and half procured. Administration studies will offer you some assistance with acquiring those inventive thoughts to execute.
  • Move to start – Often we are not sure about our work. Administration shows you how to start about anything. Likewise it helps urging and rousing to start.
  • Ensures development and extension – Growth is required in each viewpoint and firm of life. Administration with its additional capable overseeing aptitudes helps in overseeing development and extension too.

Institute of Business Studies and Research subsequently gives administration study courses after graduation. Ibsar is considered as unmistakable organization of administration studies. It gives various online projects