Why International Exposure is Beneficial for Students?


In today’s world the competition is so intense that one needs to be highly capable in order to build a successful career. Students must keep learning from various experiences that they encounter during their academic and personal life. Many experts believe that going abroad for higher studies can prove to be of immense benefit for a student and as this experience is so dynamic that it makes a student better prepared for the corporate world.

The best part of studying in a global environment is that it helps you to develop contacts with people of different nationalities and gives you an opportunity to build a global network of contacts. In future some of these contacts might prove to be of great help in your career. Moreover studying abroad boosts up our CV as most of the interviewers get impressed as they are aware of the fact that it is a valuable experience and it must have provided you with a lot of exposure.

An international exposure helps you to get familiar with a different kind of academic pattern that would challenge your skills as a student. This would help you to learn to adapt to new situations and it would certainly encourage you to perform to the best of your abilities.

To put it in simpler words, it can be said that an international exposure contributes in the overall development of a student. At Institute of Business Studies and Research, we understand the importance of international exposure and therefore we provide you the right guidance to pursue your dream of studying abroad.


All you need to know about Retail Management

 ibsar -retail management

In the recent years retailing has taken the Indian market by storm. This field has the potential to offer abundance of opportunities to the students who keep an interest in building their career in retail management. Keeping in mind the growth prospects more and more students are opting for Retail Management program to learn the skills that are required to work efficiently as a Retail Manager.

Well, the first thing is to understand the meaning of ‘retail’. The transfer of goods or products from the manufacturer to the customer after passing through various stages is called retail. The scenario in today’s market is such that the maximum share of revenue in most of the businesses gets generated from the retail sales. It is worth noticing that retail is not just confined to shopping malls and shopping complexes, it is much broader concept than this. Retail has its reach to everything that involves selling and buying of products. Even the smallest of shops are a part of retailing as even these shops deals in selling of products.

Due to its vast reach and existence the field of retailing is growing at a massive speed and in the coming years a huge growth is expected in the Indian Retail sector. Therefore the demand for retail management professionals is going to increase manifolds in the coming few years. This is the reason why so many management institutes have crafted a special MBA in retail management to prepare the students to grab the bright opportunities that are going to come their way if they plan to build up a career in the retail sector.

Experts from Institute of Business Studies and Research suggest that after completing their MBA in Retail Management, students become highly trained in handling administration of the stores by taking care of the net sales and net profitability. In simpler words, the Retail Management program helps the students to get familiar with the pros and cons of this particular stream and helps them to become capable retail managers.

3 important traits of a successful H.R Consultant


It is not tough for an individual to enter into the Human Resource (H.R) industry without having any prior experience. Even freshers can seek a decent job as H.R consultants just after completing their MBA but there are a few important personality traits and habits that must be inculcated by a person in order to excel in this particular field. Experts from IBSAR list down a few skills you would need to make your own mark in the highly competitive world of the H.R consultants. Read on to know about these traits in detail:

Systematic Way: All the H.R Consultants should possess the ability to work in an organised manner. The work should be so systematic that there should not be any sort of confusions because a lot of things depend on the work of an H.R consultant. H.R consultants need to do a number of tasks in a day so doing the work in an orderly manner would ensure hassle free working.

Outstanding Communication: H.R consultants are required to deal with a number of people on daily basis, so they must have extremely strong communication skills in order to convey their thoughts and ideas in a clear and accurate way. They must be proficient in verbal as well as written communication in order to perform to the best of their abilitie

Listening Skills: An efficient consultant pays proper attention to the clients and listen to them very in order to fully understand what they are trying to convey. It is also important to have a high degree of patience because an H.R needs to answer a lot many queries throughout the day.