Characteristics of an Effective Leader

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Be the kind of leader that you would follow. Someone has rightly said this. Anyone can be a leader but good leaders are rare. They possess certain set of qualities which distinguish them apart from ordinary ones. Leaders play a very imperative role in elevating the morale of their employees at the workplace. It has been found in various prior surveys that most of the employees leave their job because of their managers. However, it is to be noted that not every manager is a leader but every leader is a manager. So let us tell you the top qualities that a leader must possess as suggested by faculty of IBSAR.

  • Sharp perception – Effective and good leadersknow exactly how they areperceived by other individuals.They have an honest and transparent communication with their team and peers. They keep a thorough knowledge of people’s perception about them. It brings in more openness in the work environment.
  • Acquainted with organization – Good leaders are familiarized with the goals and objectives of the organization. They also know strategies needed to achieve those goals. They are fully acquainted about how their team fits into the big picture of organization and extract the best out of their team tocontribute inachieving the objectives of the company. They know the enterprise inside and out. They strive to make the organization grow.
  • Self-assessment – Introspection is another vital element to be an effective leader. Effective leaders, every now and then, self-evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Recognizing their strengths enable leaders to use their strengths maximum.Being familiar with their areas of weaknesses enable them to work on them resulting in more effective leaders.
  • Sensitized towards the team’s needs – When leaders are perceptive, they are able to comprehend the needs of their team members better. It is far easier for leaders to build strong teams when they are acquainted with values, aspirations, goals and needs of each individual of their team.

If you also want to see yourself as an effective and good leader, then try to inculcate these qualities in yourself. Institute of Business Studies And Research (IBSAR) is a multi-disciplinary business school which focuses on actionable business programs.


Significance of Human Resource Management


In today’s highly competitive scenario, no degree or education is enough to guarantee you a successful career. However, we still leave no stone unturned in our endeavour to excel in every possible way we can. Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the highly coveted degrees that most of the young brigade tends to pursue. Finance, Marketing, Operations, International Business, Information Technology, to name a few, are certain specializations that are being done in management. Human Resource Management is one of them. It is the process of recruiting and developing the employees according to the needs of the organization.

Human Resource Management (HRM) is a function that involves in the process of hiring of the workforce, providing development & training, maintaining workforce regulation, assessment of their performance, providing compensation & benefits, motivating, relation with labour, health, welfare and safety assessment.MBA in HRM allows you to develop the general management skills in the first year and impart learning about human resource practices in the second year of the course.

If you also are planning to pursue MBA in HRM, then be prepared to be taught about social, cultural and economic factors which influence relations of employees. The specialized fields in this course are Motivation, Labour Legislation, Training and Development, Compensation and Benefits, Labour Relations, Retention, Industrial Relations, Recruitment and Selection, and Labour Welfare and Social Security.

Human Resource is an indispensable part of any organization for its existence. Thus it leads to various job opportunities in the field of human resource management. Each and every industry needs to hire HR administrator to settle and handle the activities pertaining to hiring of employees, their benefits, remuneration, training, skill development, maintaining the work performance of the employees and ensuring that all work is done in accordance with the objectives of the company.

HR Generalist, Technical Recruiter, Employee Relations Manager, Director of HR Training and Development, Staffing Director, Compensation Manager, Employee or Placement Manager, and Organizational Development and Consultant Change are discrete jobs you can be entitled to if you are an HRM degree holder. IBSAR is one of the best business schools which offers MBA in various disciplines.


Why International Exposure is Beneficial for Students?


In today’s world the competition is so intense that one needs to be highly capable in order to build a successful career. Students must keep learning from various experiences that they encounter during their academic and personal life. Many experts believe that going abroad for higher studies can prove to be of immense benefit for a student and as this experience is so dynamic that it makes a student better prepared for the corporate world.

The best part of studying in a global environment is that it helps you to develop contacts with people of different nationalities and gives you an opportunity to build a global network of contacts. In future some of these contacts might prove to be of great help in your career. Moreover studying abroad boosts up our CV as most of the interviewers get impressed as they are aware of the fact that it is a valuable experience and it must have provided you with a lot of exposure.

An international exposure helps you to get familiar with a different kind of academic pattern that would challenge your skills as a student. This would help you to learn to adapt to new situations and it would certainly encourage you to perform to the best of your abilities.

To put it in simpler words, it can be said that an international exposure contributes in the overall development of a student. At Institute of Business Studies and Research, we understand the importance of international exposure and therefore we provide you the right guidance to pursue your dream of studying abroad.

Important tips for students want to Pursue MBA course


Getting needed a MBA course is exciting. You have trust in a brighter future and anticipate beginning an effective profession. Maybe you are more established and have a family to encourage or perhaps you are youthful and eager to get a decent begin on your life. In any case, it can be a touch threatening when you appear for your first day of a MBA course.

  • Focus is the Key

You can’t let your gatekeeper down and begin feeling like you have everything clinched. No MBA project is a cakewalk and you will require a great deal of center and drive to overcome your course and begin a prosperous vocation for yourself.

This is a standout amongst the most critical study ranges on the planet and there are a ton of occupations out there for individuals who have finished a MBA program. It is the understudies who center and truly take in all the data offered by their MBA course that find the best employments, take home the best pay rates, and construct the most remunerating vocations.

  • Choose Your Specialization Carefully

Most MBA projects will give you the choice of picking a specialization sooner or later. This is a choice that you ought to consider important since your picked specialization can affect your future vocation.

If you pick a specialization with an exceptionally slender profession center you could constrain the openings for work once you move on from your MBA program. Your MBA coursework for the fundamental MBA will at present be significant, however businesses outside of your picked specialization may address why you accomplished that specialization in the event that you are not going to utilize it.

IBSAR is one of the multi disciplinary business schools that provide actionable MBA courses.

Significance of Financial Management


As we probably are aware that finance is the backbone of each business and its management obliges with special consideration. Financial Management is concerned with the arranging, obtaining and controlling of the finance and the financial resources of an organization.

In the current economical situation, financial management can be characterized as the procurement of finance at the time when it is needed by the organization to fulfill the requirement of financial business operations. This modern financial management also lays emphasis on proficient allotment and productive utilization of money by giving adequate attention for the management of capital.

Here some of the advantages of financial management:

  • Financial Management ensures the continuous supply of required capital to the firm and also makes certain that these funds are properly utilized. The team of finance department firstly estimates the upcoming requirements of capital for both short term and long term. Once the budget is finalized for every department of the company, then the requirement of the finance is being fulfilled for each and every department. Financial management deals in all these departments and overall requirement of the organization.

  • Financial management is responsible for making arrangement of funds or is responsible for raising funds from different sources available in the market like financial institution, public deposits, banks, shareholder funds etc. While doing this it is also responsible to analyze various factors related to raising funds like dilution of ownership, rate of interest to be charged, conditions to be fulfilled etc.

  • The growth and development of an organization depends of its financial wealth. Financial Management maintains the balance between the liquidity and profitability of capital as well as safety of the same as well.

There are lots of skills required to understand and coordinate the activities of financial sector with other departments. A professional degree of MBA in Finance from Institute of Business Studies and Research will prepare you to be an innovative leader in this sector.

Criteria and Steps for Admission In IBSAR


IBSAR is one of the leading business schools in India providing great opportunities for the MBA aspirants to  acquire a better knowledge about the business world.It provides various courses such as Full Time MBA, MBA in USA,BBA, BCA and Executive MBA. It is rated as one of  the best business schools  in  India  for  providing  better  business knowledge.

For admission in IBSAR, you have to be a graduate in any discipline along with valid CAT/XAT/MAT/ATMA/GMAT scores.

Once you are eligible for the admission, the following steps need to be followed:-
1. While coming for GD/PI you should bring the following documents :
a. 1 recent coloured photograph.
b. 10th,12th, Graduation Marksheet copies.
c. CAT/XAT/MAT/ATMA/GMAT/CET score card photocopy
d. If you don’t have any score,come prepared to write Test.Its
duration is for 60 minutes and comprises of Maths,English, Logical
Reasoning and G.K.

2.  Download Application form from the
the form and send it to IBSAR  along with a DD of   Rs.1000/- in
favour of IBSAR payable at Mumbai and on  receipt,they  shall
courier the prospectus to you.Please mention the course and your
mailing address on the request letter.

3.  Bring a DD of Rs.30,000/- in favour of IBSAR, payable at Mumbai
as registration fee while coming for an interview.They will accept this
draft only if you get  selected and issue a  receipt and  it  shall  be
deducted from the first installment of your fee,for the program.This
is seat confirmation fee.

4. The first installment must be paid within one month of your
admission.In case of bank loan let your bank send it directly
to  IBSAR within one month.

5. No fee once paid shall be refunded under any circumstances.It  is  a
self-financed Institution and seats have been limited to ensure
quality.All legal issues subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.

Why Management Studies At IBSAR ?


Each and everyone who want to pursue management studies always look for a college which can provide a better knowledge about the business world and how actual business works. In India,there are very good business schools which provide excellent knowledge about the business world and thus are rated as the best business schools in India.

Courses Offered by IBSAR:
Out of all the business schools in India, the one which is making its mark as the best business school is IBSAR i.e. Institute Of Business Studies And Research which provides 2 year Full-Time MBA Program,1 year Executive MBA Program ,3 year Full Time BBA,BCA and MBA in USA.

Credentials Of IBSAR:
IBSAR is rated among the best business schools in India and is ranked as a A-Category Business School.

US Internship:
Every year IBSAR provides the best students with a sponsorship for an Internship in the US where they get the opportunity of experiencing the real business world and in turn prepare them for the tough and exciting road ahead.

IBSAR provides the best management education that helps the students to acquire good knowledge about the business field with better teaching staff ,better educational facilities and in all great environment for studies .