MBA in Sales and Marketing


Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Sales and Marketing is a professional program that progress the students career in sales and marketing. This MBA programs creates a manager that is capable to master the marketing and sales processes and the procedure to design successful sales and marketing strategies. Sales and marketing also educate to effectively address marketing and sales decisions and implement various sales and marketing tools.

The sales and marketing fields majorly focus to promote and sell their products and services. Thereby they pay attention to carry out product promotions, marketing’s, advertisements, sales, and public relations. Detailed strategies are prepared first and then analyses for the demand and supply of products and services in the market is done.

There are various courses offered in the sales and marketing field, such as:

  • Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Sales
  • Advanced Diploma in Software and Marketing
  • Diploma in Marketing and Sales
  • Master of Business Administration in Sales and Marketing
  • Masters Diploma in Business Administration (Marketing)

The basic eligibility for pursuing masters in business administration, the student must have a secondary education or 10 + 2 or equivalent. The duration for a UG program is of 3 years.

For admissions in the master’s degree the student must have a bachelor’s degree in any stream. The duration for a PG program is of 2 years.

There are various key benefits of the Master of Business Administration in Sales and Marketing, such as:

  • Enables you to master marketing and sales tools and techniques
  • Enables you to develop networking opportunities in the international market
  • Enables you to enhance your knowledge and skills to address modern marketing challenges
  • Enables you to gain a “hands-on” sales experience
  • Enables you to develop successful marketing and sales strategies and plans
  • Enables you to learn from an academically and professionally qualified faculty body

The Institute of Business Studies and Research in Mumbai is a well known name for providing an MBA in Sales and Marketing. When the program in sales and marketing is done, the student has a lucrative career approach in the future. As the IBSAR in Mumbai offers great deals of companies that involve distributors and fix targets to work on strategies. There sales and marketing includes pricing, product development, promotions, market research, and distribution. The managers for sales and marketing department usually employed in advertising, manufacturing, finance, insurance, retail, and publishing industries.


How to choose right MBA for you?


An MBA program needs one the biggest investment in terms of time and money. For this, you must make the correct choice of schools or programmers under affiliated universities that rule the market or business. Yes indeed, to be a successful professional you don’t need an MBA at all, but a qualified MBA candidate is prioritized. In India, the demand for a qualification has reached to an extraordinary level that focus mainly on the higher level of professional degree and the university from where it has been done.

MBA programs are conducted in business schools that offer the course curriculum in a variety of formats and the area of study, which can be tailored by the applicants to fir into your career. Let’s briefly discuss some of the major factors, such as:

Identify the type of MBA Program: This belongs to check for what the degree offers and what is its relevance to the job market. MBA programs are conducted in full time, accelerated, part time, or online. By filtering the type of study option, you can further concentrate the time limitations that work to narrow down your choices.

Time Commitment: A full time MBA program runs for two years, wherein some of them conducts intensive core curriculum in the first year and provides broad overview of the major areas of business. In second year, typically takes electives in your specialized area that increases your network and helps you find a job.

Level of Experience: Some of the programs are designed for students with little working experience and some are designed for part time programs. There are early career MBA programs and executive MBA programs.

Personal Fitness: This deals with the class size and the environment in which you are going to spend your money and take the professional skills. Some students prefer small classrooms with limited students and some goes for big classroom structures with lecturers. Finally, it is up to you to decide what your environmental needs are and which serves you the best for studies.

Career Goals: This focus mainly on the gains that you can have after completing your MBA. There are various graduate certificate programs and dual joint degree program that qualifies you with marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, international business, and many more.

Cost: This concerns about the course fees in which the part time, executives, and certificate programs are concerned. Some of the organizations exchange for a number of years after graduation and they also provide scholarship money for the full-time students.

Confused! Yes anyone can be but this can be managed and set in a better way by proper guidance and expertise advises. The IBSAR Mumbai provides you with a multi-discipline environment that focuses mainly on the business programs. The Institute of Business Studies and Research (IBSAR) provide an outstanding learning environment that facilitates the best learning experience influenced by most experienced teachers, researchers, top management professionals, and consultants. The IBSAR students are capable to have strong communications, interpersonal skills, ability to perform, quantitative knowledge, management skills, and many more.