Confused between BBA and BCA?


BBA and BCA are two courses that have become exceedingly popular among the students these days. Most of the students say that they want to pursue these courses because they open the doorway that leads to immediate placement. There is no doubt in the fact that both these courses are job oriented. Experts from IBSAR recall their experiences and say that quite a lot of people get confused between these two courses but they are totally different from each other. BBA belongs to the field of management while BCA would take you into the arena of computers.


BBA stands for Bachelor in Business Administration. This course deals in teaching the students about business administration and it is a three year graduate level degree course in management. It includes numerous subjects such as HRM, accounting, economics, marketing, entrepreneurship, MIS, operations management etc. Therefore BBA is definitely a good course for you in case you are interested in making a career in the field of management. After completing BBA you can also take admission in MBA and this would provide you with better job opportunities in this field.


BCA is an abbreviation for Bachelor of Computer Applications. It is also a three year professional course like BBA. This course is strategically designed to provide an in depth knowledge to people that are interested in making a career in the field of computers. After completing BCA you can pursue MCA later. These days there is a lot of demand for professionals who possess complete knowledge about computers therefore doing BCA would help you to walk towards a rewarding and satisfying career.

Well, as said earlier, both these courses are extremely good but you must choose the one that you feel would be good for you and your career. Opt for the course that holds your interest.


The Diverse Role of Corporate Training


Corporate training can help in improving business results in a great way. It helps in improving the efficiency of professionals working in various companies and this has been proven over time. Corporate learning includes skill development and it is a great learning experience, which leaves a direct impact on the performance of the employees.

What is corporate training?

So what precisely is corporate training? Well, it is one of the ways to improve and enhance the performance of the employees by focusing on their weak points. It also works as a sort of personality development training as it helps the employees to become more and more confident. Several companies have whole departments meant for training the employees from time to time. These days a lot of companies also train their employees by hiring trainers from companies that offer the service of corporate training. The work of these professionals is to make certain that employees are able to give better output.

Areas of corporate training   

One chief area of skill improvement for employees is usage of computers. The growing usage of technology requires the employees to possess some knowledge about it. An additional area reflected by trainers is leadership training. Solid leaders are essential to lead companies towards success, and to prepare employees to become skilled leader the trainers help them to develop leadership qualities. Characteristics of leadership take account of how to conduct team meetings, giving presentations and how to motivate the team members. Leadership training gradually empowers the employees to move to management levels.

Experts from IBSAR say that training the employees by teaching them diverse aspects related to their work helps them to become better employees and this ultimately works in the favor of the company and its growth.

Planning to Pursue BCA?



The fast evolving speed of information technology and communication systems have now turned into an important part of practically all organizations’ strategic plan of action. Corporations are now in want of professionals to take advantage of the new technologies. These professionals are trained to utilize various computer science principles in order to solve several technical glitches. Therefore, computer application degrees are in great demand these days. More and more people want to make a career in this field therefore they are opting for various computer courses that may help them to get a good job. BCA is one such computer course that is hugely popular amongst the students.

Professionals, specifically those who have completed their education from reliable colleges and institutes are getting great jobs just after the completion of their degree.

BCA is a course that is specially designed with a vision to impart extensive computer knowledge to the students.  Students get to know about chief areas of computer science or industrial computing. The pattern of the program is designed in such a way that it covers almost all the basic as well as complex aspects related to computer science. Furthermore it helps the students in developing their professional skills that are required to seek a well-paying job in reputed companies. And last but not least, it helps the students in evolving their practical abilities that would prove to be of immense help when the students would actually start working as a professional.

Experts from IBSAR say that in case you are interested in the field of computers and technology then you must opt for this course. You can get yourself enrolled in a good institute or college just after completing your twelfth class. You must pass 10+2 before joining BCA. It’s a three year course and after these three years you can expect to seek a job in good organizations.