Data Storage using Data Structure

data structure1

Suggested by Ibsar Mumbai, before describing data structures we ought to comprehend that PCs do store, recover, and process a lot of data. In case the data is stored in well organized manner on storage media and in PC’s memory then it can be accessed rapidly to process that further decreases the delay and the customer is provided with quick response.

Data structure introduction alludes to a scheme for sorting out information, or alternatively a data structure is an arrangement of data in PC’s memory in a manner that it could make the information rapidly accessible to the processor for required computations. According to Ibsar Reviews, a data structure ought to be seen as a logical concept that must address two essential concerns. First, how the information will be stored, and second, what operations will be performed on it?

Data structures can be comprehensively classified in two ways – linear data structures and hierarchical structures. Arrays, stacks, linked lists and queues fall under linear data structures, while trees, heaps, graphs and so on come under hierarchical data structures.

Array – Array is a container which can hold fix number of items and these items ought to be of same type.

Stack – Stack is a toward the last in-first-out strategy data structure; this implies that the recently added item will be deleted first.

Linked List – Linked list is proved to be an important data structure when the amount of data to be stored is not known early.  Performance wise it is better than arrays. And it is of different types like linear, circular, doubly and so on.

Queue – Queue is a first-in-first-out data structure.

Tree – Tree is a hierarchical data structure. The very top element of a tree is known as the root of the tree. Except the root node each node in a tree has a parent node, and zero or more child node.

Dictionary – Dictionary is a data structure that maintains a set of things indexed on basis of keys.

Heap – Heap is a binary tree that stores a collection of keys by satisfying heap property.

Graph – Graph is a data structure that connects a gathering of nodes called vertices, by associations, called edges.


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