Introduction to Technology and Innovation Management

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Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) is a specialized management
concentration which offers an understanding of the nature of innovation, the relationship between strategic leadership and innovation, and how organizations use technology and new product development processes to successfully manage change. TIM is a key to growth in a knowledge based economy.

The current competitive imperative is the development of a science and innovation based culture. This identifies that the real engines of competitiveness and economic success remain science, innovation, technology, education and entrepreneurship. An essential part of developing the science and technology is based on sustained competitive advantage which is to strengthen the capacity of organizations to manage innovation successfully.

Technology and Innovation Management is at the intersection of strategy, technology and operations. It provides executives with the understanding of how technology works in the innovation process and enables them to make sound business decisions. Successful innovation is inherently multi-functional and matches a profound understanding of needs and wants of user to a distinctive technical competence.

No company can stand still under the pressure of competition and rising customer expectations. To stand still is to die. Even to survive, you must constantly reduce costs, enhance quality and increase responsiveness. To grow, you must offer new and improved products and services. Whatever the size or business of your company, you must comprehend what kind of innovation makes sense, when to innovate and how to do it successfully.

Technology and Innovation Management encourages the management of innovation and technological change from a variety of perspectives, including strategic, managerial, behavioural, and operational issues. TIM includes the management of innovation, technology strategy, research and development, information technologies and the internet, technology-based entrepreneurship, process technologies, and the commercialization of scientific research.

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Professional Course – Enhances Skills

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Somehow, it’s true and well said that ‘a person who stops to grow will continue to decline’. This phrase justifies the importance and requirement of professional courses in a person’s life. To grow one must know well that being stagnant will not only make their growth stagnant but also their mind.

Therefore it is always advised to be in touch with studies. This has been concluded people who find their studies and knowledge sufficient and don’t keep the potency to learn more often lack in a lot of daily things. ibsar institute of business studies and research provides you with certain professional courses which can be extremely helpful to you.

Therefore if you think you have done enough studies then you must ensure that your education is well suited an relevant for your professional career. If you aspire to gain a hike then you must avail a degree of a professional course which can help you rise. The moment  your education takes one more step of the ladder, the very same moment your career takes a step above too.  In this exceedingly competitive world only a degree can help you take a step above.

Addition of an extra professional course is highly valuable. A professional degree in your resume gives the company owners an advantage for you. Since companies always wish to recruit employees who possess a flayer towards a certain skill and they don’t have to train that employee. Training an employee’s cost a company really hard.

Therefore if you are planning to spend your whole life with just one or two degree then you must ensure your growth would be gradual. But including certain professional degrees will help you shoot your career graph immensely. So give yourself the best of studies and become an asset to a company. Ibsar facilitates you with all the possible professional courses, avail them and help yourself grow personally, professionally, mentally and certainly monetarily.

Confused between BBA and BCA?


BBA and BCA are two courses that have become exceedingly popular among the students these days. Most of the students say that they want to pursue these courses because they open the doorway that leads to immediate placement. There is no doubt in the fact that both these courses are job oriented. Experts from IBSAR recall their experiences and say that quite a lot of people get confused between these two courses but they are totally different from each other. BBA belongs to the field of management while BCA would take you into the arena of computers.


BBA stands for Bachelor in Business Administration. This course deals in teaching the students about business administration and it is a three year graduate level degree course in management. It includes numerous subjects such as HRM, accounting, economics, marketing, entrepreneurship, MIS, operations management etc. Therefore BBA is definitely a good course for you in case you are interested in making a career in the field of management. After completing BBA you can also take admission in MBA and this would provide you with better job opportunities in this field.


BCA is an abbreviation for Bachelor of Computer Applications. It is also a three year professional course like BBA. This course is strategically designed to provide an in depth knowledge to people that are interested in making a career in the field of computers. After completing BCA you can pursue MCA later. These days there is a lot of demand for professionals who possess complete knowledge about computers therefore doing BCA would help you to walk towards a rewarding and satisfying career.

Well, as said earlier, both these courses are extremely good but you must choose the one that you feel would be good for you and your career. Opt for the course that holds your interest.


IBSAR is proud of your Achievement and you are keeping IBSAR Flag flying internationally.

DR. M.L.Monga