IBSAR announces final dates for GD and PI for 2011 MBA\BBA\BCA program

The dates are out! IBSAR has announced GD/PI dates for this year’s MBA\BBA\BCA program. Based on the performance of the students in GD/PI, they will be selected for further process. The dates for GD in different cities fall in the month of May. The details regarding the same can be checked below:

GD/PI dates in different cities, including events.

Number Programs Date City Venue Event
1 MBA\BBA\BCA 23nd May, 2011 Jabalpur Hotel Prestige Princess
2 MBA\BBA\BCA 24rd May, 2011 Bhopal Hotel Nisarga
3 MBA\BBA\BCA 26th May, 2011 Gwalior Gwalior Regency
4 MBA\BBA\BCA 27th May, 2011 Delhi On Hold
5 MBA\BBA\BCA 20th May, 2011 Jaipur On hold
6 MBA\BBA\BCA 25th May, 2011 Guwahati  – Assam Hotel Landmark
7 MBA\BBA\BCA 23rd and 24th Guwahati  – Assam Event Assam Tribune Career Fair

In GD, a group of candidates will be given a topic or situation, and asked to discuss it with other candidates in their group for 15 to 20 minutes. Following this, the candidates have to present their views on the topic. GD is conducted to gauge candidate’s communication, interactional, and decision-making skills.