How MBA in IBSAR will help you to shape your career?

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MBA degree is considered as one of the best options for sure shot advancement in your career path. But selecting the right institute for pursuing the degree is equally important.

IBSAR is one of the management institutes which not only includes knowledge and skills in its business studies but also provides placement in a top notch company.

Does IBSAR nurture leaders in its management school?

Yes. In fact, IBSAR firmly believes in the concept of injecting qualities of a leader in its students. For the same, IBSAR sees to it that all the knowledge and skills required for a student to develop into an inspiring leader is included in its business studies. Also this may help him to weather all kinds of competition in the market – be it recession or any other kind of challenges – the student will be ready for them. In short, survival is the key and IBSAR well acquainted with this equips students with the required qualities.

 U.S.P – IBSAR moves beyond conventional methods

Unlike other business institutes which only offers run-of-the-mill type course, IBSAR believes in offering courses and practices which is in par with the latest trends in the business industry. IBSAR trains its students to such a level that they are acclimatized with all the nitty-gritty required to thrive in business industry. For example, it trains its students in such a way that they are able to deal with real time problems rather than struggling with problems with text book knowledge. In detail, a student who has completed MBA studies from IBSAR is able to analyze the problems, look it from different angles, coordinate with the required resources, and prioritize the important tasks – rather than taking a hasty decision. This gives an edge to the company as the individual is able to sift through details and analyze them before making a decision.

Facilities in IBSAR

The chief idea of IBSAR is to make students smart enough so that he would excel in whatever job he takes. Hence, curriculum is designed accordingly. For the same, IBSAR is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities such as well-equipped library; air conditioned classrooms and halls; Wi-FI campus, and many more.

Thus with IBSAR providing you all the required knowledge and skills, you are bound to turn out to be a successful businessman and achieve your dreams. So if you want to be script a success story for yourself in this competent industry, IBSAR is the business school to choose for.


BCA Course at IBSAR

BCA – Bachelor of Computer Applications is the need of students aiming to excel in the field of computers. In the BCA course, besides computer, a student gets immense knowledge on Management, Financial Accounting and Management, Production and Operations management etc. This provides an opportunity to the student to overcome real-life problems.
The Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) degree gives students an opportunity to specialize in the field of computers and thus been able to have the complete knowledge related to this field.

Admission Criteria and Duration for BCA Course

The admission criteria for Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA course is (10+2) or 3 year diploma from a State Board of Technical Education and the duration of BCA course is of three years.
This is an undergraduate program where students are exposed to various fields of computer applications including the latest developments in the industry.
Thus BCA course helps the students to become expert professionals who can apply computer science principles to solve problems produced by the interface between business and technology.

Kick Start Your Career with Management Studies

Are you tired finding jobs or doing a job that does not interest you? Are you disturbed by the thoughts that what will happen to your career if there is no progress in your current job? Or are you unable to decide what you should do after completing your graduation or which business school would be appropriate for you?

If you are one of them who is trapped in these kinds of muddled thoughts, it is high time you took a serious and right step which will help you to gain momentum in your career path. But what is that right decision which will help you to sail in the progressive direction and put your career on the correct track?

There are many options for achieving growth in job and personal achievements. However, one of the best options that will ensure sure shot advancement in your career path is opting for MBA studies. In other words, doing MBA from a business school or business institute will not only guarantee you a good job but secure your career path.

Which business school for MBA?

This is one of the common questions that students are unable to decide about. Reason – there are plenty of business institutes which simply boast about themselves but do not deliver what they had promised. In simple words, the business studies are not good enough to offer students enough knowledge which they require to survive in the market. So, all the money that is spent by the students to learn management studies goes down the drain.

IBSAR well aware of these facts offers management studies to the students which ensure a sure shot placement to them in a top notch company.

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Does IBSAR nurture leaders in its management school?
U.S.P – IBSAR moves beyond conventional methods

BBA Course at IBSAR


The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree prepares students for career opportunities and helps them in understanding the real business world. Successful completion of BBA requirements ensures that graduates understand the importance of relationships among marketing, quantitative theory, accountancy, economic principles and financial, human and organizational management.

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree gives students an opportunity to specialize in respective fields by pursuing concentrations and minors, or to choose an individualized set of general BBA electives.

Admission Criteria and Duration for BBA

The admission criterion for Bachelor of Business Administration is (10+2) in any stream and the duration of BBA course is of three years.

The aim of BBA program is to develop a student’s intellectual ability, executive personality and managerial skills through blending of business and general education.

The BBA course helps the student in understanding and developing the unique leadership qualities required for successfully managing business functions or an organizational unit.

MBA in Financial Management


Financial management is the activity that is responsible for planning and controlling of the firm’s financial resources. In reality, it is the planning, directing, monitoring, organizing, and controlling of the monetary resources of an organization. Financial sector has become stronger in terms of capital and the number of customers in India.

Responsibility of an MBA in Financial Management
An MBA degree in Financial Management helps the manager understand the financial problems and find the right solutions to these problems, by making a complete analysis of it. So MBA in this field makes the tough battle ahead in the field of Financial Management incredible.

Benefits of efficient financial management in the organization
In financial management, financial problems are analyzed and considered. Study of the trends of actual figures is tested and ratio analysis is done. All management decisions on funding are made after considering the report prepared by the finance manager. Financial management is the basis for management decisions.

Greater the business risk, greater is the expectation of benefits. Financial management maintains the balance between risk and profitability. There is always coordination between the various treaties of the company. Financial management is mainly centralized in nature. Other activities may be decentralized but only one department for financial management.

There are two main aspects of Financial management, namely the acquisition of funds and effective use of these funds. In the acquisition of funds, you can see here that the funds may come from different sources and the funds from different sources have different characteristics in terms of cost, risk and financial management control-speak.

How does MBA in Financial Management help in career growth?
MBA Finance increases employment opportunities, help in changing careers or better qualifies one for a career opportunity or support to start their own business. Finance MBA teach a student in accounting, economics, banking, market structure etc. that are vital to any business.

MBA in International Business Management

In today’s global economy, many businesses are looking to expand into an international market,therefore, careers in international business are expected to grow at a faster rate. From banks to manufacturing firms to government agencies, almost all industries have a need for people with a background in international business management.

An MBA degree in International Business Management grooms working managers and executives towards careers of increased responsibility with focus on diversity and multicultural concerns,International relations and
business strategies sensitive to international issues.
If you are already working in a business management profile, studying for your International Business  Management MBA degree is the ideal way to progress your career and enjoy improved prospects.You can move into the exciting area of global business management and enjoy a very rewarding and successful career with the skills and qualities that you will gain from pursuing an International Business MBA degree.
A fresh postgraduate in International Business Management from a reputed institute is usually recruited as a management trainee.Job satisfaction and career growth can be an important factor in International market research firms or consulting organizations.
With an MBA in International Business Management you can prove your expertise and skills in this area as well as enjoying an exciting,rewarding, and fast paced career in global business management and you can open doors of opportunity in the business environment with no borderlines to hamper your career placement. Learn the skills and knowledge required to deal with the business challenges and become qualified for a fabulous business career.

MBA in Human Resource Management (HRM)

While choosing the desired specialization while pursuing MBA degree might be a mystified task as every specialization has its advantages as well as drawbacks. But while selecting the right specialization the roles involved in the desired specialty should be thoroughly studied.
Human Resource Management (HRM) is one of the interests which MBA students prefer. It is the function within an organization that focuses on recruitment, management, and providing direction for the people who work in the organization and can also be performed by Human Resource managers.
A professional in the Human Resource Management has to deal with issues related to employees such as compensation, hiring, performance management, organization development, safety, wellness, benefits, communication, employee motivation administration and training.
Human Resource Management is also a strategic and comprehensive approach to managing people and the workplace culture and environment. Effective HRM enables employees to contribute effectively and productively to the overall company direction and the accomplishment of the organization’s goals and objectives.
HRM is moving away from traditional personnel,administration and transnational roles, which are increasingly outsourced.It is now expected to add value to the strategic utilization of employees and that employee programs impact the business in measurable ways.The new role of  Human Resource Management Personnel involves strategic direction and HRM metrics and measurements to demonstrate value.
MBA in HRM enables an individual to pursue a career in HR or Personnel management. MBA HR is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways for establishing successful career in HR departments of reputed companies.It offers a perfect blend of high-quality core curriculum with a specialization curriculum.Further, the course content of MBA programme in HR is constantly updated in order to meet the requirements of today`s competitive global marketplace.

Events At IBSAR

IBSAR fest

IBSAR – Institute of Business Studies And Research is known as a good education provider in business world and is considered as one of the best business schools in India. But apart from being a good education provider IBSAR is also known for organizing great events.
One such event is Euphoria which was held from 9th March – 11th March. This fest included Business Quiz, Sports, LAN gaming contest, Dance show, Talent Show, Fashion Show followed by Prize Distribution etc.

On 9th March the events which were held were Business Presentation, Business Quiz, Case Study,Debate, Chess & Carrom.On 10th March the events held were Sports, LAN gaming contest and on 11th March the events were Dance shows, Talent shows, Fashion shows followed by Prize Distribution.

The deserving ones who won the events and jumped with pride are:

Runner up
Business Quiz
Kaustabh Paithankar ,Tithi
Adhikari & Bhupendra Raisen
College – MSB
Loknath Sahu & Ritesh Verma
College – IBSAR SEM IV
Melvin,Animesh & Hitesh
College – SIES
Sumit Rajoli,Lokesh Kumar Singh & Divya Iyengar
College- IBSAR BBA
Brand Recall
Melvin, Animesh & Hitesh
College- SIES
Sumit Rajoli, Lokesh Kumar Singh & Divya Iyengar
College- IBSAR BB
Case Study
Apurva Singh & Elisha
Sneha Kadam
Krunal Shah
Sumit Rajoli
Bhushan Kumar
Table Tennis
Sumit Palse (Male)
Apurva Singh (Female)
Counter strike
Aasim Ansari, Chandramouleeeswaram Suresh, Sameer Sherke, Ashutosh Gautam & Gurtej Osham
Hitesh Shah, Milind Betkar, Victor Nadar, Deependra Darnel & Anmol Kumar
Carrom Singles
Raj soni, Shurjil Khatri, Sagar Bhimrao, Santosh Ramesh Gamre, Sameer  Suryakant Dhuri & Vijay Krishna Kharat
Box Cricket
IBSAR Karjat
Group Dances
MSB team
Solo dance
Pallavi Rathod
Kalyani Jadhav

Criteria and Steps for Admission In IBSAR


IBSAR is one of the leading business schools in India providing great opportunities for the MBA aspirants to  acquire a better knowledge about the business world.It provides various courses such as Full Time MBA, MBA in USA,BBA, BCA and Executive MBA. It is rated as one of  the best business schools  in  India  for  providing  better  business knowledge.

For admission in IBSAR, you have to be a graduate in any discipline along with valid CAT/XAT/MAT/ATMA/GMAT scores.

Once you are eligible for the admission, the following steps need to be followed:-
1. While coming for GD/PI you should bring the following documents :
a. 1 recent coloured photograph.
b. 10th,12th, Graduation Marksheet copies.
c. CAT/XAT/MAT/ATMA/GMAT/CET score card photocopy
d. If you don’t have any score,come prepared to write Test.Its
duration is for 60 minutes and comprises of Maths,English, Logical
Reasoning and G.K.

2.  Download Application form from the
the form and send it to IBSAR  along with a DD of   Rs.1000/- in
favour of IBSAR payable at Mumbai and on  receipt,they  shall
courier the prospectus to you.Please mention the course and your
mailing address on the request letter.

3.  Bring a DD of Rs.30,000/- in favour of IBSAR, payable at Mumbai
as registration fee while coming for an interview.They will accept this
draft only if you get  selected and issue a  receipt and  it  shall  be
deducted from the first installment of your fee,for the program.This
is seat confirmation fee.

4. The first installment must be paid within one month of your
admission.In case of bank loan let your bank send it directly
to  IBSAR within one month.

5. No fee once paid shall be refunded under any circumstances.It  is  a
self-financed Institution and seats have been limited to ensure
quality.All legal issues subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.

Why Management Studies At IBSAR ?


Each and everyone who want to pursue management studies always look for a college which can provide a better knowledge about the business world and how actual business works. In India,there are very good business schools which provide excellent knowledge about the business world and thus are rated as the best business schools in India.

Courses Offered by IBSAR:
Out of all the business schools in India, the one which is making its mark as the best business school is IBSAR i.e. Institute Of Business Studies And Research which provides 2 year Full-Time MBA Program,1 year Executive MBA Program ,3 year Full Time BBA,BCA and MBA in USA.

Credentials Of IBSAR:
IBSAR is rated among the best business schools in India and is ranked as a A-Category Business School.

US Internship:
Every year IBSAR provides the best students with a sponsorship for an Internship in the US where they get the opportunity of experiencing the real business world and in turn prepare them for the tough and exciting road ahead.

IBSAR provides the best management education that helps the students to acquire good knowledge about the business field with better teaching staff ,better educational facilities and in all great environment for studies .

Executive MBA for Working Executives


Often professional find it difficult to pursue Post Graduation Degree while working, due to which their aspiration for a career growth has to be compromised.

IBSAR provides Executive MBA for working executives, thus making it easy for them to pursue a career in MBA while working. Its main advantage is that it provides 1 year Executive MBA as opposed to most other colleges which provide the same course with duration of 2 years.

The eligibility for Executive MBA course is Graduation + min. 2 years of Work Experience.The one year MBA (Professional) Program has been designed for effective handling of the challenges by Managers posed by globalization. This Program would be useful for Managers at senior levels as well as for the ExecutivesEntrepreneurs who are managing their small family business.
The Program will be highly beneficial for those people who have three years plus work experience in order to acquire fast track MBA recognized by various Educational bodies. This would save them with one year but at the same time they can acquire a well recognized professional qualification while continuing with their jobs at a comparatively lesser cost.

More details regarding the schedule of E-MBA at IBSAR:

  • Admission Batches: The Admission Batches for Executive MBA are Jan 2011/July 2011 Batch.
  • Degree: The Executive MBA Degree is recognized by UGC/MHRD Govt: of India and Accredited by NAAC.
  • Duration of the Course: The duration for the Executive MBA course is of one year.
  • Classes Schedule: Classes for Executive MBA course will be held only on Sundays.
  • Eligibility: The eligibility for doing Executive MBA is to have Graduation Course in any stream along with two years of work experience.