Branding a service vs. Branding a product


Branding is a very trending thing in the business world and we all are very much aware of the impact that it has on sale of the products and services. Well, it is worth noticing that branding a service is quite different from branding a product and there are a number of factors behind this. Read on to know more about it:

Experts from IBSAR say that the first thing that must be understood is that products are well defined physical items that can be evaluated before you choose to buy them. You can actually hold a product in your hand in order to examine it properly and on being fully satisfied with its properties you can buy it. On the other side, talking about services it can be said that services are intangible and are very personal. Service is an experience that the customer buys from you. So it is important to understand that while buying a service that customer puts a lot of trust in you. So, on the basis of this explanation the difference between branding a product and branding a service can be summarized through following points:

  • The basic reason is that products are made where services are delivered
  • Products are used where services are experienced
  • Products are touchable where services are emotional

Experts from IBSAR say that when it is about the branding of a product then there are special efforts made in order to beautify the product so that it can appeal to the maximum number of people. Moreover, the uses of the product are highlighted and the packaging of the product is also designed with a lot of creativity and thought. In simpler words it can be said that branding of a product includes everything that is required to make the product look irresistible in terms of looks and use.

When it comes to branding of a service then the sole motive is to win the trust of the customers. As it has been said that services can neither be seen nor be touched but they can only be experienced. Therefore the branding of a service includes coming up with strategies to make the service look useful and beneficial for the customers.


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