Characteristics of an Effective Leader

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Be the kind of leader that you would follow. Someone has rightly said this. Anyone can be a leader but good leaders are rare. They possess certain set of qualities which distinguish them apart from ordinary ones. Leaders play a very imperative role in elevating the morale of their employees at the workplace. It has been found in various prior surveys that most of the employees leave their job because of their managers. However, it is to be noted that not every manager is a leader but every leader is a manager. So let us tell you the top qualities that a leader must possess as suggested by faculty of IBSAR.

  • Sharp perception – Effective and good leadersknow exactly how they areperceived by other individuals.They have an honest and transparent communication with their team and peers. They keep a thorough knowledge of people’s perception about them. It brings in more openness in the work environment.
  • Acquainted with organization – Good leaders are familiarized with the goals and objectives of the organization. They also know strategies needed to achieve those goals. They are fully acquainted about how their team fits into the big picture of organization and extract the best out of their team tocontribute inachieving the objectives of the company. They know the enterprise inside and out. They strive to make the organization grow.
  • Self-assessment – Introspection is another vital element to be an effective leader. Effective leaders, every now and then, self-evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Recognizing their strengths enable leaders to use their strengths maximum.Being familiar with their areas of weaknesses enable them to work on them resulting in more effective leaders.
  • Sensitized towards the team’s needs – When leaders are perceptive, they are able to comprehend the needs of their team members better. It is far easier for leaders to build strong teams when they are acquainted with values, aspirations, goals and needs of each individual of their team.

If you also want to see yourself as an effective and good leader, then try to inculcate these qualities in yourself. Institute of Business Studies And Research (IBSAR) is a multi-disciplinary business school which focuses on actionable business programs.


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