Events At IBSAR

IBSAR fest

IBSAR – Institute of Business Studies And Research is known as a good education provider in business world and is considered as one of the best business schools in India. But apart from being a good education provider IBSAR is also known for organizing great events.
One such event is Euphoria which was held from 9th March – 11th March. This fest included Business Quiz, Sports, LAN gaming contest, Dance show, Talent Show, Fashion Show followed by Prize Distribution etc.

On 9th March the events which were held were Business Presentation, Business Quiz, Case Study,Debate, Chess & Carrom.On 10th March the events held were Sports, LAN gaming contest and on 11th March the events were Dance shows, Talent shows, Fashion shows followed by Prize Distribution.

The deserving ones who won the events and jumped with pride are:

Runner up
Business Quiz
Kaustabh Paithankar ,Tithi
Adhikari & Bhupendra Raisen
College – MSB
Loknath Sahu & Ritesh Verma
College – IBSAR SEM IV
Melvin,Animesh & Hitesh
College – SIES
Sumit Rajoli,Lokesh Kumar Singh & Divya Iyengar
College- IBSAR BBA
Brand Recall
Melvin, Animesh & Hitesh
College- SIES
Sumit Rajoli, Lokesh Kumar Singh & Divya Iyengar
College- IBSAR BB
Case Study
Apurva Singh & Elisha
Sneha Kadam
Krunal Shah
Sumit Rajoli
Bhushan Kumar
Table Tennis
Sumit Palse (Male)
Apurva Singh (Female)
Counter strike
Aasim Ansari, Chandramouleeeswaram Suresh, Sameer Sherke, Ashutosh Gautam & Gurtej Osham
Hitesh Shah, Milind Betkar, Victor Nadar, Deependra Darnel & Anmol Kumar
Carrom Singles
Raj soni, Shurjil Khatri, Sagar Bhimrao, Santosh Ramesh Gamre, Sameer  Suryakant Dhuri & Vijay Krishna Kharat
Box Cricket
IBSAR Karjat
Group Dances
MSB team
Solo dance
Pallavi Rathod
Kalyani Jadhav

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